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A Growing Fleet to Support a Growing Business


The Story

Established in 2015, RVA Restoration has built their business by being their for their customers when they need it most. “Our company services commercial and residential properties that have sustained fire, mold, water or storm damage,” said Jeremy Ford, Owner. “Most of our customers have homes or businesses with significant damage and that can be a stressful situation. Our job is to help ease their stress by getting their spaces back to normal as quickly as possible.”

When Jeremy joined RVA Restoration in 2015, he realized that the addition of a fleet would help support his businesses rapid growth. “The timing was right and Orange Grove was willing to take a chance on a small company,” said Jeremy. “

With a mix of work trucks, vans and cars, RVA Restoration depends on their fleet to meet their evolving needs. “Our fleet has grown from one work truck to over 20 vehicles in just three years,” said Jeremy. “Orange Grove has provided us access to vehicles and the ability to adjust to how our business is growing and changing.

A Personal Approach to Leasing with Turnkey Solutions

Orange Grove’s first step in meeting with RVA Restoration was to provide an overview of options for total fleet management. “I had no previous experience with leasing companies so this was new to me,” said Jeremy. “Orange Grove took the time to explain a variety of leasing and maintenance options.”

With an idea of RVA Restoration’s needs in mind, the Orange Grove team presented options and data analysis so Jeremy could make a smart and informed decision. “The maintenance and gas programs really made sense for us,” said Jeremy. The gas program helps us keep track of our vehicles and mileage better. And Orange Grove went out of their way to work with a mechanic that we have a long-standing relationship with. That level of service goes a long way with us.”

RVA Restoration was also able to take advantage of Orange Grove’s expertise outfitting the company with the vehicles that work best for them.  “We select the type of vehicle we want and Orange Grove handles it from there – from negotiating the price to having vinyl decals applied,” said Jeremy. “When our trucks show up at our office, they’re ready to go.”

A Commitment to Shared Success

Trusting their fleet management to Orange Grove means that RVA Restoration receives an extension of their operations team allowing them to focus on their daily challenges. By leasing pre-owned work trucks initially, RVA Restoration was provided balance sheet relief while reducing their cost of future capital.  “We’re a small company and we’ve had periods over the past three years where cash flow has been a challenge,” said Jeremy. “Orange Grove continually looks for opportunities to help our bottom line. That level of commitment and understanding keeps us loyal.”

The Future is Bright

Today RVA Restoration is a four-year old company that is growing and changing. As part of the standard Orange Grove partnership, regular account reviews take place to evaluate new opportunities for efficiency.  “Orange Grove has truly gotten to know us and our needs as a company,” said Jeremy. “We are a family company and we consider them a part of that.”