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Remodeling the Fabling Fleet

Time is Money

Casey Fabling epitomizes the DIY spirit; as a custom remodeler and renovation contractor, he knows the value of having the right tools for the job.  But when it came to acquiring vehicles for his company, Casey felt like a novice.

With a rapidly growing business, Fabling Built needed reliable vehicles to get their teams to job sites. “Finding good vehicles was a tremendous amount of work,” said Casey. “Our vehicles are our store front so it’s critical to our growth and reputation that we have trucks and cars that we can count on.”

After years of working with wholesalers, Casey tired of the costly and time-consuming process of securing vehicles, especially when faced with limited inventories. “I was spending a month just going through the financing process alone,” he said, only to find the vehicles he needed to support his business were no longer available.

Remodeling the Fabling Fleet

After becoming familiar with Orange Grove’s services, Fabling Built was eager to explore the new and pre-owned vehicle fleet options and the value that could be added to his business. “Truth be told, I didn’t realize an option like Orange Grove existed,” said Casey. From financing to remarketing, Fabling Built didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the full suite of services provided by Orange Grove. 

By establishing a line of credit, Orange Grove was able to tailor vehicle options to Casey Fabling’s specific needs and requirements. “It’s as simple as sending a text message,” said Fabling. “I let them know what I’m looking for, they understand my pricing requirements, I sign a single paper, and my vehicle is personally delivered.”

With this direction, Orange Grove delivered a mix of pickups, cargo vans and SUVs within days of request. Over the course of two months, Fabling received 12 pre-owned work vehicles to its Virginia headquarters, while onboarding all operating vehicles to Orange Grove’s fleet service and fuel management program.

With flexible vehicle management options, Orange Grove has become an extension of Fabling Built’s operations team with top-notch fleet management tools including titling and licensing renewals, along with fuel and maintenance monitoring plans.

Fleet Support that Drives Business Growth

By leasing vehicles with Orange Grove, Fabling Built can focus on what they do best: creating spaces for people to call home. Orange Grove allows Casey to continue to grow and expand his business in the high demand housing market. “The time savings of working with Orange Grove to secure vehicles has been a game changer,” said Fabling. “From quality, to scaling, to financing, Orange Grove provides a solution to my vehicle needs letting me focus on my job. The partnership makes me a better business owner.”