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A New Leasing Partner Fuels Efficiency


Time for a Change

Like many companies their size, On the Mark (OTM) managed their fleet vehicles in a reactionary way. “We have a portfolio of 2-3 year programs that we obtain through an RFP/bidding process,” said John Bryant, Co-Owner/COO. “When we secure a new program, we have a very short window to obtain vehicles to enable that program.”

When OTM approached Orange Grove for fleet management solutions, they already had experience with a leasing partner. “Our previous fleet provider had a very long order-to-delivery time as they only obtained vehicles from the manufacturer,” said John. “We needed speed in terms of obtaining vehicles and we need low price/high value as all of our bids are ‘lowest price’ win bids.”

Orange Grove was tasked to recommend an all-wheel drive, fuel-efficient sedan that could withstand the driving rigors of roadside utility locating work. “The diversity of options from Orange Grove appealed to us,” said John. “They gave us the option to obtain pre-owned vehicles, factory orders, and/or sourced directly from a local dealership. From the choices, we decided to go with new vehicles directly off the dealer’s lot which saved us a lot of time.”

The Search for a New Leasing Partner

The selection process for OTM was extensive and consisted of a lot of comparative research. “We did an internet search and called and spoke with multiple providers focusing on order to delivery time and price,” said John.

Beyond personal service, the time and money OTM saved made the switch a no brainer. “Orange Grove provided us quotes for one of our recently secured programs which we compared to the quote from our current lease company. Orange Grove was lower in price and had a much faster order-to-delivery time.”

Driving Meaningful Change

The partnership has proven worth it in the bottom line for OTM. The company now leases 14 vehicles and have seen great gains in fuel economy, driver comfort and overall lease value. “In terms of overall business support, Orange Grove has been great,” said John. “They are very responsive to any inquiries about vehicles pricing, delivery etc. and on top of that they over creativity and flexibility in meeting our needs in terms of vehicle type/price etc. They often look into possibilities and are accommodating to a very fluid business environment where we need analysis or quotes quickly. The nature of our business means a lot of starts and stops and Orange Grove meets our needs on every level.”