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A Partner in Fleet Operations

Time for a Change

Doing what’s best and right for their clients and employees is the backbone of Wayforth, a team of experts that helps seniors, and their families, prepare to move, downsize and clean out their house. So when it came time to search for a fleet leasing partner, they knew they wanted to work with a company who shared their core values. “It was important to us that our fleet partner understood our business and was able to provide value, not just to us but to our clients as well,” said COO and Co-Owner, Pete Shrock. “We shopped around but Orange Grove believed in us and in what we were doing. As a small and growing business, that mattered and solidified the relationship for us.”

An Extension of the Team

Wayforth is a pioneer in the estate planning industry. With a recent rebrand and restructure under their belt, Wayforth was searching for a partner who could thoughtfully source vehicles that could leverage their business model. And that’s when they turned to Orange Grove. “Orange Grove has been efficient in our partnership,” said Pete. “We have many different vehicle needs and Orange Grove has brought their expertise to the table; sharing insights on how they’ve worked in similar situations.”

Orange Grove currently supports Wayforth with fleet and fuel management including maintenance monitoring and service recommendation vetting. “Orange Grove has gone above and beyond for us – from small maintenance issues to bigger challenges with our larger trucks – they have been super responsive and personally invested. They have worked to be a steward of our brand as an extension of our operations team and, for a growing company, that makes all the difference in the world.”

Fleet Support that Drives Business Growth

By leasing vehicles with Orange Grove, Wayforth was able to grow and quickly expand its operational reach. “We’re based in Richmond and appreciate the synergy of having a partner here locally,” said Pete. “But we have scaled from three employees to over 200 quickly and want to keep that energy going. When resources are thin, we rely on our partners.”

And the relationship with Orange Grove has delivered for Wayforth, in more ways than one. “From bootstrap beginnings to putting a lease partner in place, we have saved so much time, money, and heartache,” said Pete. “With three co-founders, there only so much credit between us.  Orange Grove stepped in and helped our business thrive.”