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Fresh Approach

Discovery Phase

Each of our valued customer relationships start off the same way; we enter a discovery phase where our fleet strategists dive into your financial needs and vehicle requirements.

Often, this phase involves evaluating your current fleet and placing a wholesale and retail value that can unveil equity opportunities.


From the information gathered in the discovery phase, our fleet managers and financial team huddle to put together a comprehensive fleet management plan.

This phase provides recommendations for new and preowned vehicles, the value of your current fleet, a tailored outsourced fleet management solution, and a remarketing strategy for when the lease ends.

This approach allows us to provide customer-centric fleet recommendations that help drive the company’s growth, while alleviating the financial burdens of purchasing expensive assets.

We question. We listen. We plan for your success.


We tailor new and preowned leases to meet your company’s needs by providing flexible, cost-saving solutions.

Orange Grove helps dozens of growing companies find relief in their balance sheet by eliminating expensive vehicle purchases with cost-effective leasing options.

Our program zeroes in on reducing the primary cost of every vehicle lease: depreciation.

Whether it’s lower acquisition costs, setting a higher residual value, or leasing a reliable preowned vehicle, our financial strategists find the most effective way to maximize your cash flow and savings.

Vehicle Customization

Once we source your new or preowned work vehicle, our customization team will maximize its potential before you put the first mile on the dash.

From mobile ATMs to Equine Vet Clinics and rolling retail outlets, Orange Grove’s fleet customization and vehicle conversion experience is unmatched.

And if you simply want to add a bedliner, custom vehicle graphics, or bins for your tools, Orange Grove’s upfit team will source the best products, schedule the work, manage the vendor, and capitalize the costs into your monthly lease rate.

Total Fleet Management

Our experienced fleet professionals manage the daily challenges that keep your vehicles healthy and on the road.

When you trust your fleet management to Orange Grove Fleet Solutions, your company receives an extension of your operations team with an outsourced, experienced fleet professional juiced with the very best fleet management tools.

Our disciplined and proactive approach covers everything from title and licensing renewals to trackable fuel card management programs, and maintenance monitoring plans so that you can focus on your own daily challenges.

Frequent Fleet Reviews

Plan, implement, test, and refine. This pragmatic approach provides our fleet strategists and customers with the ability to affirm their decisions or adjust as needed.

We realize that decisions made years, even months ago, may not pertain to today’s climate. That’s why we regularly present your fleet’s activity and adapt to your fleets changing needs.


Our unique consignment model will maximize your older fleet’s value and reduce the depreciation cost of your lease.

We work with CarLotz, the consignment store for cars, to help reduce our customer’s lease rates.

Traditional vehicle leases are depreciated to below auction value, which allows the leasing companies can make a quick buck off of a wholesale purchase. This age-old method of remarketing only drives up lease rates and ultimately prevents leasing customers from growing their fleet.