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A fresh approach to fleet management.

Let us take care of your fleet.

We know managing fleets can be a burden and expensive. That is why we have developed an approach that is flexible to your needs.

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Fresh Approach

With customized new and preowned vehicle leasing, flexible service and management, and our unique remarking channel, we are the only commercial vehicle leasing company using this cost-saving approach.

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We tailor new and preowned leases to meet your company's needs by providing flexible, costs saving solutions.

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Fleet Management

Our experienced fleet professionals manage the daily challenges that keep your vehicles healthy and on the road.

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Our unique consignment model will maximize your older fleet's value and reduce the depreciation cost of your lease.

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Success Stories

Our Customers

Our national reach serves companies from nearly every industry. From smaller fleets of five to regional businesses with more than 80 units, we are here to help you grow.

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News & Trends

With so much to consider when managing and growing your fleet such as tax laws, business liability insurance, and the emergence of autonomous vehicles, Orange Grove can help you keep up with the trends and provide your fleet a boost of Vitamin C.

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